Have you ever noticed that very attractive women are not interested in nice man but are attracted to Bad Boys? Do you have attractive women friends that just want to be friends with you?

I have and I got sick of this response.

Most men never really explore this question and act far too nice. Most men try to please the women by asking out for dinner and give flowers etc. Most men are very needy around a women and want love and sex.

They felt they were not really loved from mum and so are needy in wanting a women to love them so they can feel good about themselves. They are looking for a mum to overcome a lack of love early in life.

Women really want a challenge and not a wuss. They love a very confident, sexy man that knows he can attract any women with no effort.

Attraction comes from a deep gut level which is not logical. And being nice to a women does not make a woman attracted to you.

I found this hard to understand at first as this has no logic. Once I got over being nice and pleasant, I found women much more interested in me. I more I stopped trying to please and always always available the more the women became interested.

If a women is not attracted to me after a first contact I do not try to get her to change her mind. I just say next and move on. It is very hard to change a women's opinion if she just wants to be friends. Easier to move on than waste a lot of time.

Just go on a good Internet dating site and you can date as many women as you want. Place a good photo of you smiling and make a funny, cocky profile.

Most men's profile are very boring so do something a bit in your face and different. I like to say on my profile that women with emotional problems, sexual hang-ups please do not contact me. This gives the impression that I am not needy and selective. Women love this.

There is an abundance of women looking for men. Dating a few women at once gives you a good state of mind that if one women is not what you want you can easily move on. The more I can be indeterminate to women the more they get attracted.

If you have a problem about approaching attractive women just set a task of walking up to then again and again till you could not care less how they will respond. Once you get to this level they will start to respond. Funny hey.

Yes it is scary at first to do this but why give you power to women! Why be scared of attractive women for the rest of your life.

Is it not time to grow up and be a man!

Source by Maurice Tate


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