Nice guys do finish last when it comes to women and dating. If you’re like most guys you probably thought that the key to a woman’s heart is being nice to her, buying her nice gifts, and doing anything you possibly can to make her happy. At first she tells you how sweet and thoughtful you are. And because she likes it so much and seemed so happy, you figured you would keep buying her gifts and being nice to her hoping to eventually win her over.

What ends up happening is sooner or later she starts telling you how great and special a “friend” you are and how she’s so lucky to have you as a friend. She then proceeds to talk about a guy she just met the other day. You two continue to hang out and as times goes by she confides in you all the horrible treatment she gets from her new boyfriend. While she’s going on and on you wonder why she is still dating him and why she can’t see that you would treat her so much better. Finally you can’t take it anymore and come the realization that if she just knew how you felt, maybe she’ll realize that you would be a good match for her. So you sit her down and tell her exactly how you feel.

She looks at you with compassion in her eyes and tells you that she values your relationship too much and that it’s best for you two to just stay friends. You’re baffled. You don’t understand it. You don’t know what she could possibly see in that jerk she’s dating. Sound familiar? So why do women like jerks?

To figure that out you’ll need to know a bit about how attraction works for women. Women are hardwired to feel attraction for a man who displays the qualities of a protector and provider. “Nice” doesn’t trigger those magical feelings inside of a woman. Now I am not saying you should become a jerk. What I’m saying is if a woman had to choose between a nice guy who is good to her but doesn’t make her feel attraction and a jerk who was bad to her but does make her feel attraction, she will pick the jerk.

So how do you compete?

Learn how to embody the traits that make the jerk attractive. You may be asking what are these qualities you lack that caused you celibacy all these years? I’m glad you ask! First off, don’t make a woman the number one priority in your life. When she has you at her every beck and call, any respect and attraction she has for you will evaporate. You will appear weak. Attractive women prefer strong men.

Don’t be too available. Have a life of your own. Don’t call her back right away. Have an abundance mentality.

Don’t chase her. In return she’ll start chasing you. Next, don’t accept her manipulative and bratty behavior. When she’s being unreasonable and starts throwing tantrums, call her out on it, don’t give in to her demands, they are tests. These tests are used to quickly tell a woman if you have “gonads.” If you fail the gonads test, she’ll drop you like a rock. Finally, see yourself as the prize. Make yourself believe that whatever woman that happens to catch your fancy will have an amazing time. Come across as the guy who’s going to knock her socks off. Don’t try to do anything to “impress” her. Most things guys do don’t impress women anyway. So there you have it, the reasons why women like jerks. Stop your wimpy behavior. Grow some gonads and go to work on yourself. Start becoming the man that women want instead of the guy that women throw in the “friends” zone.

Source by Frank Robins


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