What a woman wears on a first date is a make or break factor. After all, first impression lasts right. People are also, more often, judged by how they look. You have to remember that what you wear will give an initial impression of who you are and what kind of person you are. Wearing the right outfit is there an essential aspect of having a successful first date.

1. Keep it simple

It may be a cliché but wearing a simple outfit is like coming to a date as a fresh canvass. However, it does not necessarily have to mean that you have to look blank and uninteresting. Keep to your personal style. If you are the classic-wearing gal, the little black dress is always a sure bet. It can go a long way and can be dressed in many ways. If you like it loose and casual, a dressy blouse can be paired perfectly with jeans. Dressing semi-casually can be a good sign for your date since it will show him that you can rough it off a bit.

2. Never overdress

Again, remember to keep it simple. Some girls may wear simple clothes but blind their dates with huge diamond earrings and gold chains around their necks. Keep jewelry to a minimum. It will send out the wrong signal to your date, having the impression that you are a high-maintenance gal in need of serious bling. A ring and a necklace is enough jewelry for one date. Or you can alternate with a simple bracelet and diamond studs.

3. Do not give the wrong impression

Dressing in a mini skirt and tight shirts or midriff-baring tops and low cut blouses will give him the idea that you are an easy prey. Remember, men want their women clothed, leaving something to their imagination. Keep in mind that this is a first date and you want him to think of you nicely. You can wear your more provocative outfits on the third or fourth date.

4. Dress appropriately

Do ask your date where you will be having your first date. Surprises are not appropriate for a first date. Most likely, you will have dinner or drinks in a bar. If you are going to a classy restaurant, wear something a little more formal than you are used to wearing. A simple knee-length dress would be perfect. A pretty blouse and crisp pants are also good. Wear appropriate makeup. If you are coming from the office, try to freshen up a bit. Bring your evening wear to the office for easy changing. If you could find an outfit that goes from a day to night wear, even better. However, if you and your date decide on something unconventional like lunch or a lakeside picnic, a nice top, jeans and flats will do. Always prioritize comfort over everything else.

5. Let your personality shine

Remember do not let your clothes wear you. Choose clothes that will reflect your personality giving your date a first glimpse of who you are. If you are quirky and fun, wear clothes that will show that. If you are the thoughtful, intelligent type, reflect that in the colors and the cut of your clothes. However, the clothes will not speak for you through the date. You also need to speak up, listen and be yourself.

Source by Olga Savcuk


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