At some point every woman considers what she is doing wrong in the dating game. Maybe you have not met the right person, which is very possible if you are working, going to school and trying to tackle the long list of responsibilities you have in front of you. Then you decide to try online dating but you run into a few problems with that as well. Maybe you can not find the right guy, either because they have not found you, they have not presented themselves in the right way yet or you have mixed feelings about some of the guys who have contacted you.

Online dating is popular but that does not mean it is easy. You can often have difficulty finding a great guy because it's difficult to get a read on someone from a profile and a few messages. So here are a few things you can do to improve your chances of finding your ideal match:

1. Throw away your dream guy: Too often we are attracted to this image we build up in our mind. Of course it's common to be attracted to things like muscles, a beard, fast cars, tattoos and things of that sort. Physical attraction is important but often times they can make us overlook obvious red flags in a person's character which causes problems down the road.

2. Message, message, message: You may have an instant connection with or you may just be tired of sitting at home Friday nights. It does not matter, do not rush to give someone your phone number. Talk to them a while first, get to know them, see if they are actually interested in you based on who you are, your profile and have a real connection or are they just messaging dozens of girls at a time.

3. Ask away: Do not just wait for someone to ask you a million questions or tell you everything about them. Ask questions, a lot of questions. If you are talking to a guy who is actually interested in you then more than likely he will take the time to have long conversations before expecting your phone number. If he's not interested in talking and being patient then ask yourself why is he trying online dating?

Obviously there are no clear cut ways to find your perfect match with online dating or any other form of dating. You have to go with your gut and try to find the best match for you based on attraction, interest and who the person is as an individual. Do not judge a book by its cover but understand how someone presents themselves saying a lot about who they are.

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