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  • You have been on a few dates with a guy, and everything seems to be going well. You get on like a house on fire, and he looks like he might be the right guy for you. You are thinking of taking the […]

  • It can be tough enough for women over 40 to date, but it's even more difficult for them to find good dating advice. The first step is for a woman over 40 to be sure to dress her age. She may feel […]

  • At some point every woman considers what she is doing wrong in the dating game. Maybe you have not met the right person, which is very possible if you are working, going to school and trying to tackle the […]

  • Many people are now starting to try to get back in the dating game after many years of being married, either due to divorce or being widowed. Regardless of why you are back on the dating scene, trying to date […]

  • Beautiful, intelligent, educated and stylish Russian women looking for men – sounds interesting, right! Who would not want a girlfriend like this? But the problem is there are not many women with these […]

  • Want to know what women really want? We have polled our friends and extracted from our years of experience of dating the key tips that every shy guy should know. These voters will not unlock all the […]

  • Despite the stereotype that lesbians move in together by the second date, lesbians date just as heterosexual people do. If you are newly out of the closet, be forewarned that being gay does not make the […]

  • For lesbian moms, the concept of dating can seem overwhelming or scary. How will the women you date react to the fact that you have children? How will your children feel about the women you date? How soon […]

  • Dates, especially first dates, should always be paid for by the man. It’s a different story for committed relationships, which should be more 50-50. But for first dates, women should listen to the […]

  • Relationships are either serious or casual, and both parties may have opposition views about the very same relationship. That may cause distress to both. So, one has to look from the other's view to see […]

  • What a woman wears on a first date is a make or break factor. After all, first impression lasts right. People are also, more often, judged by how they look. You have to remember that what you wear will give […]

  • When it comes to seriously dating a nearly divorced man, there is frequently a third person in your relationship – his not-quite-ex-wife. It feels like he’s the one for you but the strong emotions he feels for […]

  • If you want to succeed in life, you have to follow predefined social rules that guide you how to eat, have, and interact in public. Similar approach can be followed in the dating world. By following some […]

  • On-Line dating can be a very effective way for women to meet quality men. However there are a few “rules” that you should take heed to, if you do not want to turn off a potential mate, especially one you are […]

  • Not many people are aware of the fact that everyone – men and women communicate more non verbally (93%) than verbally. This is known as body language and if you know what to look out for when you are trying to […]

  • Nice guys do finish last when it comes to women and dating. If you’re like most guys you probably thought that the key to a woman’s heart is being nice to her, buying her nice gifts, and doing anything you […]

  • Have you ever noticed that very attractive women are not interested in nice man but are attracted to Bad Boys? Do you have attractive women friends that just want to be friends with you? I have and I got […]

  • You've been dating a guy for a while, and everything was great. But now, for some reason he seems distracted and may be losing interest. What's a woman to do? Women often do not know why this […]

  • Dating has become a common term amongst the youngsters all around the world. If you are ready to jump into the dating world then you will be in need of free dating tips and advice to help you succeed. You […]

  • Congratulations on finding this article on dating tips for guys, you are about to join the 1% of men who know the correct information on how to attract a woman. What I'm going to give you is so much more […]

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