Congratulations on finding this article on dating tips for guys, you are about to join the 1% of men who know the correct information on how to attract a woman. What I'm going to give you is so much more than just dating tips for guys, I'm going to explain to you how attraction works for both men and women and how you can use that to your advantage to attract any woman you desire .

The first thing you must understand is that the way attraction works for a man is much different then the way attraction works for a woman. As a man you base whether or not you are attracted to a woman mostly on her appearance or the way she looks. There is nothing wrong with this in fact as men our brains are actually hard wired to work in this way. That's why when you see a beautiful woman you can instantly know whether or not you would have sex with her. Women also know this, that's why they spend so much time and money on things such as makeup, clothes, and anything else to make there outer appearance more attractive. A woman who is more attractive sub-communicates to men that she has better genes and that is able to produce stronger off spring with a greater chance of survival.

Logically then as men we can assume that women are attracted to the same things such as looks, right? Wrong in fact that statement could not be more false. Looks are the least important factor when it comes to attracting a woman. You can add money, what kind of job you have, and what kind of car you drive to the list of things that do not matter when attracting women. Attraction for a woman is all based on emotion where as a man's attraction is based on logic.

A woman's emotion attraction part of her brain is like a set of switches that can be switched in your favor or against you all depending on how you make her feel. So when you flip the switches in your favor she's attracted to you and when you flip them against you she's not attracted to you. Let me say it again flipping this switches has NOTHING to do with your looks or how much money you have!

The key to flipping her emotional switches to is display the characteristics that she would be attracted to. Such as confidence, being your own man, living by your own set of values ​​and the list goes on and on. When you're flipping her switches you're connecting with her on a very deep emotional level and she can not help but be attracted to you. Just as men are hard wired to respond to beauty, women are hard wired to respond to an emotional connection.

The best part about this is you can actually learn exactly what it takes to be able to flip a woman's emotional switches and have her attached to you in a matter of seconds! This kind of stuff will work on any woman in any situation because all women respond to the same things. As you can see this goes much deeper than just a few dating tips for guys, it's about learning a skill set and being able to have choice in the women you date.

Source by Christian Thorne


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