Dating has become a common term amongst the youngsters all around the world. If you are ready to jump into the dating world then you will be in need of free dating tips and advice to help you succeed. You can find a comprehensive directory of dating sites online but you must first understand few dating principles in order to get best results. The dating principles for men keep on changing constantly but this is not the same case with women or girls from any part of the world. In general, men are always after a woman and tries different tricks to attract her. Here, as a female you must always try to set few principals in order to find a guy of your choice.

General Dating Rules for Women

Girls or women are always in great demand in dating process. This can be considered as the largest advantages for ladies all around the globe. This does not mean that you can afford to sit and wait for men to follow you. You will need to take few efforts in order to keep yourself fit and look gorgeous all the time. You may find the right person interested in you at any time and anywhere. Here, always try to look great by wearing clothes that suits your nature and physique. Never hesitate to join a gym or few fitness programs to stay in shape.

Always, it is not a good idea to expect full information about you until you know and understand him better. Also, try to dictate your own terms as much as possible. For example, you must never pay bills if you are in a coffee shop or restaurant for dinner. This is to just check his interest and care for you because a right guy will always take care of your eating habits and likings. Making him wait for hours can also be a great idea to test his patience. Avoid phone calls and never be available when he desires to meet you. Briefly, try as many tricks as you can in order to find a perfect person who really cares for you.

On the other hand, you might find a gorgeous guy that is least interested in you. In such case, you need to take an initiative to impress him. Many times waiting for men to approach you is not a great idea. If you like him, just go and use your brains to create interest about you. The most important part is to understand the limitations. For example sleeping with a guy in early stage of dating can spoil everything. Go for a short trip, shop around in the weekends, and try to understand him in a proper way. Briefly, to start with try to attract him by playing mind games instead of attracting him physically.


Well, all these basic tips will definitely help you in finding the best life partner of your dreams. The basic rules of dating for every woman are the same. Whether you are a Latin, Dominican, Brazilian, African, Asian, Chinese, or Russian woman the above-stated dating tips will work for you.

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