You've been dating a guy for a while, and everything was great. But now, for some reason he seems distracted and may be losing interest. What's a woman to do? Women often do not know why this happens, but we usually blame ourselves. You might be thinking – "What did I do wrong?"

There could be a million reasons why your guy is distracted or not showering you with attention. And it's a good chance you will never know for sure. But here are eight powerful ways you can regain his attention.

1) First, be clear. Do you really want him back?

If he lost interest, is he the right man for you? It's worth asking because this will take some effort. so be clear he is a good match for you and worth the effort you are about to undertake.

2) Think about your interactions. Is it possible that you changed?

I had a dating coaching client one time who had a routine with men she dated. She'd start out all sweet as pie, but after a while, she said she could not keep that up. She had to go back to being herself. Yikes! Being yourself, albeit your best self, is crucial to developing a solid relationship. See if you can return to behaving the way you did at the beginning of the relationship when he was paying lots of attention to you.

3) Have you become clingy or demanding?

It can happen to the best of us, but this is unattractive behavior. Men like confident women, same as we like confident men. Get a grip on yourself and give him some space. Rely on your friends more, read self-help books, or get professional help. But do not cling.

4) Have you put your man into communication overload?

Sometimes women get so happy to be dating a great guy, they over-communicate. Hold back on multiple calls, texts, emails and give the guy some space. No one likes to feel crowed.

5) Are you trying to take up all of his time?

This is another space issue. Men need to keep up there friendships too and have some quality guy time. Smile when he wants to go out with the boys – that gives you a night off too. Visit with your friends or get some chores done at home. You can entertain yourself one night, even on the weekend.

6) Do you still look your best?

It's easy to slip back into comfy favorites but keeping up your appearance is important for maximizing attraction while still solidifying your relationship. Do not back-slide into old habits. Put on lipstick and wear his favorite outfit. Looking good is excellent for your own self-esteem and confidence too.

7) Pull back from him.

I know this is the hardest thing to do. Every instinct in your body is screaming to run after him. But do not do it. That's the worst strategy for recapturing his attention. Think of this like ballroom dancing. As you take a step back, he has the chance to take a step forward. Are you starting to get the picture? Do not be too available because a bit of absence can make the heart grow fonder. Let him chase you again after he realizes you're not all over him like you used to be.

8) Remember, you are a fabulous woman

This guy is lucky to have shared time with. If it does not work out, hold your head high and remain confident. You are still a great catch and there are plenty more fish in the sea. Take time to heal, but do not wait too long to go fishing again. I guarantee, he was not the only guy for you. Someone else is out there who might be even better, but you will not know that if you do not get out there to look.

Source by Ronnie Ann Ryan


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