Not many people are aware of the fact that everyone – men and women communicate more non verbally (93%) than verbally. This is known as body language and if you know what to look out for when you are trying to meet someone, then you can find out if that person is really into you. This can help you reduce your dating mistakes and avoid picking up the wrong signals. It doesn’t take time to master and is well worth reading up about so you can find that special someone and never be left guessing again.

The basics of body language are easy to learn and many of the signals you should look out for will often be ones you recongnise in yourself or your friends or ex partners. You should practice looking for these signals in people close to you as this will help you improve your body language skills. One great advantage of being able to read body language is that you can use the skill to decide if a girl or man is really into you and would be receptive to being asked out by you. Or if a person you are on a first date with wishes to be kissed at the end of the night.

So here are the things you should look out for in a Man or Woman:

Male body language:

Dialated pupils are a sign of attraction – especially if the man is holding his gaze with yours.

-If the man is interested he will make himself appear taller. He may also stand with his hands on his hips.

-If the man is fiddling with his belt buckles this is a sign that he is subconsciously telling you he is interested in you.

-If the man is mirroring your movements this is a sign of attraction.

-If he is standing with his hands on his hips, he is appearing to make himself bigger and ready to take things further.

-If the Man is touching the mans arm or leg briefly, in a non sexual mannor, when talking this shows that they are interested – this is known as ‘excuse touching’

Female body language:

-Women also mirror movements and hold a gaze if they are interested in a man.

-A Woman will often toss their hair, revealing their neck, if they are attracted to a man.

-If the Woman is coiling her hair with her finger when talking to a man then she is subconsciously sending a signal that she finds you attractive.

-If the Woman is using ‘excuse touching’ – basically flirting in a very subtle way.

Negative Body Language to Look Out For In Men and Women:

-Crossing of the arms indicates a defensive posture and the person is not comfortable in your company.

-If the person has their clasped behind back this can indicate apprehension or anger.

-If the person is pinching the bridge of their nose with their eyes closed – this may indicate that they have a negative opinion of you.

Source by Anna J Jones


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