On-Line dating can be a very effective way for women to meet quality men. However there are a few "rules" that you should take heed to, if you do not want to turn off a potential mate, especially one you are really interested in.

You have chosen an online site and you have joined it. Congratulate yourself for taking this important step. You have chosen a picture and written a inviting profile. When you get callers or writers, spare all the gory details of your life when first begin corresponding with them. Be interesting but do not overload them with your all life's up and downs. Please do not tell them how many times you have been dumped or dumped other guys in your life.

If, for example, you are competent to have children (I believe children are really a blessing), and are asked about them, tell their names and ages and sex. Do not volunteer that little Johnny is ADHD and wets in the bed every night. Believe me, you will have ample opportunity to discuss more detail of your life, if the guy calls you back again. If any other questions are asked, answer them, and ask the guy the same question, so that he can share himself with you.

This is important so read this paragraph a couple of times. Always, always ask him the same questions he requests you. Let him know you are interested in knowing about his life too. Since "I" is the word most used in the English language, you are sure to catch his attention by allowing him to talk or write about himself.

Telling the truth is a value. Most of us have insecurities about something, but there is no reason to tell untruths or make up stories. Be honest. If you are a little overweight, do not say you have a models figure. If you are unemployed, do not say you are a corporate CEO. I think you get my drift on this one.

If you are tempted to tell little "white lies" on your profile, when you do meet someone you enjoy, the chances of developing a relationship, or even a friendship might not happen. Do not blow any chances you have of developing a meaningful relationship by saying or writing untruths about yourself.

You would not be dating on-line or anywhere else, if you were not interested in meeting someone special. Maybe you have been searching for a while, or maybe you just got a relationship that made you feel unloved and unattractive. These are no reasons to become "Miss Desperado." For those of you who do not know spanish, that mean desperate. You are not respectate so do not act like it. There is a great guy somewhere for you, but if you are too easy, you might run him away, once you meet him.

I do not mean play hard-to-get. I mean, do not push for a face-to-face meeting. I do mean do not email them or IM them too frequently. Remember, play it safe and play it cool.

Source by Angelina D'amours


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