Want to know what women really want? We have polled our friends and extracted from our years of experience of dating the key tips that every shy guy should know. These voters will not unlock all the mysteries of women but they will give you the basic foundation to build a successful dating life.

# 1: We Like to be Asked Questions about Ourselves

Women, like most people, enjoy talking about themselves. Do not know what to say next? Ask Questions and let her lead the conversation for a while. You will learn more about her in the process and get a better grap on who she is. Ask about her family, siblings, work, her pet peeves, or the way she likes her coffee.

# 2: Eye-Contact, Eye-Contact, Eye-Contact:

If you are receiving direct eye-contact from a girl, particularly from across the room, it's a pretty safe bet she is intrigued by you. If you are not giving any eye-contact, to anyone, I'm wager that same girl would think you were not interested and not worth her time. She would be wrong of course, because you are an interesting guy with lots to offer, but she will not know that unless there is first the connection of eye-contact .; a simple and engaging gesture.

# 3: We Want Personality:

Not the Pick-Up-Artist-flair kind, that's just clothes and memorized lines. We are talking honest-to-goodness personality, complete with opinions on things, stories to tell, and an understanding of yourself. Do not worry about tailoring your persona to guarantee success, just be the confident, unique you. The stories you tell could include your life journey with chapters of likes, dislikes, passions and joys.

# 4: Just Connect Already:

Let go of doing it right! Or wrong for that matter. You just need to do it. You do not have to be witty or amazing in those first encounters, you just have to indicate your interest and come to the mutual intention that you two will meet again. It's that simple. Accept "no" gracefully knowing that she does not know enough about you to reject you as the great person that you are. Remember, it's just an entry point, not the end point.

# 5: Flirt for Flirts Sake:

A smile, a playful laugh, a light touch all go far in showing interest and opening up the lines for mutual flirtation. Forget about worrying where it's going to lead and just have fun. Enjoying yourself is contagious and will draw people to you. Having an obvious agenda turns a woman off so relax and be open to the surprises flirtatious interactions can bring.

Remember to get out there and practice, these tips will not do you much good from the safety of your house.

Source by Kim Jacoby


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