It can be tough enough for women over 40 to date, but it's even more difficult for them to find good dating advice. The first step is for a woman over 40 to be sure to dress her age. She may feel intimidated and worried that men are more interested in the youngger women. However, she should not try to dress like them, lest she look foolish. She should wear clothing that is appropriate for her age group and body type, rather than wear the youngger styles, which are often skintight and much too revealing.

Women over 40 should also be sure to act their age. Even if she feels intimidated by the younger women, it doesnt mean she should try to compete by dancing on tabletops and guzzling alcohol. It is much sexier to see a woman who is comfortable with herself, exhibiting characteristics like grace, dignity, and wisdom.

Next, women over 40 should always remember their role in the relationship. If she is older than her partner, it does not mean that she should mother him. Even though some women are naturally caring and nurturing, she should remember that her man already has a mother, and does not need another. This means she should refrain from nagging like a mother would do, as that's a great way to scare a guy off!

One advantage women over 40 have is that they are often more comfortable with their bodies and more in touch with their sensuality than their youngger counterparts. They should not be afraid to be sexual and amorous with the right man. He will be so impressed that he'll soon forget about past lovers!

Women should also embrace their intelligence. There is no need to play dumb to impress a man; the best way to impress him is to show that you're his intellectual equal. This will help to set an older woman with more life experience and wisdom apart from the younger ones, who may be lacking maturity and poise.

A woman over 40 who is dating should re-evaluate her standards. It probably is not practical to want the same things in a man at 40 as you did at 20. Sometimes it can be advantageous to expand your horizons – you never know who you could meet by doing so!

Older women should not be afraid to flirt with a man they're interested in. How else do you expect him to know that you're interested? Flirting can also be a good way of communicating that you're confident and know what – and who – you want.

Although it's a bit cliché, the importance of being yourself really can not be overstated. A woman over 40 should be proud of the life she's lived, the experiences and insight she's gained, and the person she's become. There's nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who loves and nurtures herself.

Source by Pam Baldwin


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