The most important factor to get pregnant is to understand the timing of pregnancy. Just having sex is not the key to pregnancy. There are only few limited days when the woman is fertile and can get pregnant. So, it is essential that a woman must understand the process of ovulation and the best time to have sex if one is looking for the fastest way to get pregnant naturally.

o Most people believe that women have a 28 day cycle and that they ovulate on day 14 of the cycle. However, this is not true. Some women can have cycles that are shorter than 28 days or even longer than 28 days. Other than that, the time of ovulation could be on day 13 or on day 15 as well other than day 14.

o One of the fastest ways to get pregnant is to be able to understand the time when you ovulate each month. You can buy a basal body thermometer and record your temperature every morning when you wake up. On doing so, you shall notice that the temperature rises a bit at some point of the month and stays there until your periods start. This increase in temperature is an indication that you must start having regular sex till your periods arrive. Once you get a fair idea of the time you ovulate, you must have sexual intercourse regularly for five days that lead to the time of ovulation and on the day when ovulation happens as well.

o There are ovulation test kits available which indicate around 36 hours before you will ovulate. After the test has become positive, you must have sex regularly up to the time of ovulation. While having sex, stay relaxed and enjoy it rather than be mechanical and worry about the need to get pregnant. Do not make it a mechanical process. Rather enjoy having sex. Do not focus on the fact that you wish to get pregnant and simply enjoy the pleasure of making love with your spouse.

o It is healthy to have sex regularly at least thrice a week. Women who have sex regularly are known to conceive faster than others. Also it is important to have enough sleep. If you feel stressed, then try some yoga to relax yourself.

o Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid seafood. Have meals at least thrice a day but avoid overeating. Do not use any contraceptive pills. Women who are healthy, that is neither overweight nor underweight, eat more of fruits, vegetables and fresh food and less of calories are known to get pregnant faster than other. Caffeine and caffeine products must be avoided completely. Having a healthy diet is very essential in order to get pregnant.

o Avoid using artificial items like lubricants, deodorants, sprays when you wish to get pregnant. Staying natural is the best way.

The above tips are essential in understanding the fastest way to get pregnant naturally. If one follows them, then there is a very good chance for women to be able to achieve pregnancy and fulfill their desire to be mothers.

Source by Summer Madison


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