The good news, however, is that problems with either partner can often be corrected. For men this almost always means switching from underwear to boxer shorts, since traditional underwear can lower a man's sperm count. But for women the changes may be a bit more drastic. In this article we are going to discuss a few simple ways to improve fertility.

More than any other single factor ovulation is the reason many couples have problems getting pregnant. The term reflects to the monthly release of an egg from the ovary and it is the key to conceiving. Unfortunately, many couples disregard ovulation and believe that if they simply make love a lot they with get pregnant. While this may be an enjoyable strategy for both parties, it often leaves women wondering "Why can not I get pregnant?"

The reason for this is simple: the female egg only remains viable for about twenty four hours. So, if you do not pay attention to ovulation and you miss that one day, then your chances of conceiving decrease. In fact, studies show that couples who miss ovulation and attempt to conceive after an egg has expired have only two chances to conceive-slim and none.

On the other hand, couples that actually keep an ovulation schedule and know when it occurs each month are several times more likely to conceive. The key is simply being prepared and knowing how and when to record the requisite information. That sounds a bit technical, but really it is as simple as pie. All you have to do is take your basal (body) temperature each morning. Since ovulation will elevate a woman's body temperature by a few degrees, when the monthly chart or graph is on the rise, it is a pretty good sign that ovulation is about to begin.

But if you are keeping meticulous ovulation records and you are still wondering, "Why can not I get pregnant," the problem might be your hormones. As any married man can tell you, a woman who is trying to get pregnant can be a mercurial being. That is partly due to the hormones and the fact that sex during ovulation can cause the body to go a little crazy.

Of course, this is all in preparation of impending pregnancy, but when it does not happen a woman can still be affected by the hormones. For this reason doctors often suggest natural herbs like Maca, Vitex and Tibulus that have been shown to rein in the hormones and provide stability.

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